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Pokémon Gijinka Art and Roleplay

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Platform Island by Ra-ooo
What's PokePlatform about?

PokePlatform is a Pokemon-Gijinka group which promotes character interaction and development through drawing and roleplaying.

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Something picked to best categorize your Pokemon and gives us a small insight to their character!

Pokeball by PPMail

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Most roleplaying and events take place in Pokeplatform's general RP chat!

Genderbends, AUs, silly, absurd and fun scenarios that have no place in canon - that's what the Crack-Rp chat is for! Please keep in mind that the general rules (no godmodding, no 18+ stuff, etc) still apply here.

Want to chat with the other members of Poképlatform about non-roleplaying related stuff? You can do so here!

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The Team Accounts have been updated. We suggest that members visit their team bases for information about mini events, activities, and other things

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New Resident Brochure

Sat Jan 28, 2017, 5:44 PM by Ra-ooo:iconra-ooo:
((This is an in-character brochure your character is given upon moving to the island! They're also available for old residents to pick up at any gym or Apiri's Mail Center. This is to give you some introduction to what you can do in the group, provide rp ideas, and a few links to important information in the group. Some things are still a work in progress; we'll keep you updated when new information is added!))

Platform Island by Ra-ooo

Pokeball by PPMailWelcome to Platform! Pokeball by PPMail

Platform Island is an independent island nation governed by Gijinka. While the island has no standing military, it is recognized and protected by the IPL (International Pokemon League).

Platform Island was founded in 1944 by Team Hoaka's current gym leader as a refuge for Pokemon Gijinka escaping enslavement in Sinnoh. Three years later the island officially gained autonomy, and refugees from around the world started to find their way to Platform's shores.

With the founding of Platform Island's Pokemon League seven years ago, the island has come into international spotlight as a model Gijinka sanctuary.

At its widest point the island is 38 miles/61 kilometers across, and the highest point on the island, Acuity Mountain, is over 14,000 ft./4.3 kilometers at its peak. The current permanent island population hovers around 67,000 (2017), with over a million tourists visiting the island annually.


Pokemon Directory

Platform is proudly called home by a diverse population of gijinka of all types, species, races, identities and cultures. Residency is easy to obtain for gijinka who join one of the eight gym teams. The full list of our current teams is readily available to the public.

Teams Directory

You can switch to a new team at any time with a brief and easy form change submitted to the league council. We want to ensure all our residents can find a team they can take pride in and a place they can call home.

Free housing is offered to all team members by their gym in the form of dormitories located on gym grounds. Each gym has enough dorms for its maximum registered members - but not all members choose to live with their gym. There is plenty of housing opportunity across the island; from homeowners to urban renters, to those gijinka who prefer to live a more wild life in the forests and mountains on the island!

Each of our eight gym teams have a special focus that helps keep our island running smoothly.
:bulletyellow:Team Pallet focuses on community service projects 
:bulletblack:Team Rocket controls the battle circuit and other businesses
:bulletpink:Team Joy runs the hospital and Pokemon centers located around the island
:bulletgreen:Team Ilex maintains wildlife reserves and national parks on the island
:bulletred:Team Valor is the island police force
:bulletblue:Team Olivine preserves historical sites and museums
:bulletwhite:Team Oak runs the Academy and oversees libraries and educational institutions
:bulletorange:Team Hoaka focuses on international relations and celebrations and entertainment on the island.
Each of our island gym teams also provides more than just housing and community for its members. Training in your team's specialty, volunteer opportunities and potential job openings are all available to team members. And if you're interested in training or volunteering with a team you're not part of, that's available too!

Whether you're looking for CPR and first aid training with Team Joy or a job as a performer on Hoaka island's amusement park, team members have immediate access and all others can sign up for scheduled classes throughout the year.


One of Platform Island's biggest draws is its internationally recognized Pokemon League.

Are you interested in challenging the league, and claiming the title of champion for yourself?

Battles Home

Your fellow teammates and the members of other gyms are the first in line you'll be fighting on your way to the gym leader!

Official Battle Art

Our league is built on a system of Battle Points. Accumulating a certain number of points through battles in tournaments or one-on-one against your peers will give you the opportunity to challenge gym leaders for their badges.

Gym battles are unique - they won't all necessarily be a standard Pokemon battle. Our league is accessible to traditional battlers as well as those less-inclined to combat. All of your skills will be tested when you take on the league challenge!

There are other ways apart from battling to gain Battle Points as well.

Will you be the first to reach the eighth gym and gather all eight badges?


Platform Island is much more than its League and gyms. Even for those gijinka seeking a peaceful life where they can explore their wants and desires, our island hosts a variety of attractions and ecosystems, multiple large and small cities, and a plethora of fun activities to keep you busy for years to come.

From the traditional Japanese onsen at the foot of Valor volcano to the majestic ice castle located deep in the snowbound heights of the Acuity mountains, from the natural beauty of the marshlands surrounding Wandering Lake, to the beautiful snorkeling the peaceful waters of Sunset Lyre Bay have to offer, down to the active nightlife of metropolitan Maelstorm and the buzzing amusement park fun of Orange Park on Hoaka Island, there is something for everyone on Platform Island.

Even more information can be found with our island tourism bureau.

So grab some friends and explore some of the exciting highlights of your island home!

((Our DA chatroom is usually only used during events. So a great way to meet PP members is in our discord chat! Send a note to the group with your discord info and we will add you in!))


((There will be more information to come for these activities in the near future!))

Battling not your forte? For those more interested in pursuing higher education, Oak Academy is a publicly funded educational institution hosted by Team Oak. This is the place for members who want to build their skills in a collaborative community-oriented environment with peer critique and mentor guidance.

The full curriculum can be found at Oak Gym.

And for those interested in exploring the full potential of their Pokemon natures without the violence of battle, Contests are a fantastic way to do just that. Hosted by gym leaders, contests will be a showcase of your moves and techniques, in a creative and non-combative environment. More information can be found about current contest theme and how to participate, at Contests Home.


PokePlatform's Rules

It's important for new residents to acquaint themselves with the laws of the island, and long-time residents to keep themselves up to date. Should you ever need assistance, Team Valor has your back. Volunteers, team members, and law enforcement alike are just a phone call away at Valor Headquarters.

Certain items, plants and animals are considered contraband on Platform, and the introduction or possession of these items can result in fines, confiscation and possible arrest.

Imported plants must go through agriculture inspection and imported animals will go through a standard quarantine procedure.

Firearms, swords, and other weapons must be declared and registered to be legally owned.


Due to the extremely dangerous nature of Mega Stones (which can result in damage to property and the high risk of injury or death to other persons and the user), they are under no circumstances allowed to be utilized in or out of battle, sanctioned or otherwise, at any time on Platform Island.

Any person found with Mega Stones in possession will have the item confiscated, and the Pokemon in question will be fined, arrested, tried and deported.

For more information, please see your team leader or contact the league council directly.…

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