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Pokémon Gijinka Art and Roleplay

Member of the Week!

This week's member - Kei!

PP: Kei's Battle Card by Safayia

What is "Member of the Week"?

Safayias entry for the week!
PP: MIA (MotW) by Safayia

Every week, we'll announce a member and their character. Other members are encouraged to draw this member's Gijinka and everyone who participates has a chance to become the next member of the week! It's the gift that keeps on giving!

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Group Quick Guide

PP- Pokeball by NekoSoraYagami
What's PokePlatform about?

PokePlatform is a Pokemon-Gijinka group which promotes character interaction and development through drawing and roleplaying.

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Something picked to best categorize your Pokemon and gives us a small insight to their character!

PP- Pokeball by NekoSoraYagami

PP- Pokeball by NekoSoraYagami
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Most roleplaying and events take place in Pokeplatform's general RP chat!

The Lit-rp chat is usually emptier and more slowpaced than the general RP chat, which makes it a good alternative place to have slower and lengthier roleplays.

Genderbends, AUs, silly, absurd and fun scenarios that have no place in canon - that's what the Crack-Rp chat is for! Please keep in mind that the general rules (no godmodding, no 18+ stuff, etc) still apply here.

Want to chat with the other members of Poképlatform about non-roleplaying related stuff? You can do so here!

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The Team Accounts have been updated. We suggest that members visit their team bases for information about mini events, activities, and other things

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May Team Water Bombing!

Journal Entry: Sat May 16, 2015, 1:34 PM

:pokeball: Hey, kids! There's a fun little minigame waiting for you tonight! It'll happen in one of our Roll20 rooms. It's a laid back water balloon fight! Players can join and leave at any time, like always with RPG events.

Everyone is welcome to watch (chats are open to guests) but to participate you do need to be a member and have an [RPG Sheet]. Join us, link at the [Main RP Room]!

:pokeball: Bombing, you say? Yes, bombing! :pokeball:

:star: As you might have noticed, Summer Is Coming™ :iconnedstarkplz:. We are celebrating this month by making Team Spirit a tad wet.

:star: During the month of May each Gym will have large supplies of colored water and balloons, water guns, maybe a small catapult... Of course, the dye in the water corresponds to each Team's color: :bulletyellow:Pallet, :bulletblack:Rocket, :bulletpink:Joy, :bulletgreen:Ilex, :bulletblue:Verity, :bulletred:Valor & :bulletwhite:Olivine. And it is a rather difficult one to wash off of clothes, I'd add. The ammunition stays in the Gyms and people are only allowed to take whatever they can carry at a time, so use it wisely.

:star: Everything, everywhere and everytime is fair game this month. The sky, or rather creativity and mischievousness, is the limit. Do you want the island to display your Team's color the most? Go out there and water bomb the hell our of it!

:star: How it works: This is a laid back and prompt-like event. We are between bigger events at the moment, and this one is supposed to be a relaxed, for fun one only. This means that we will not count points and have a winner as previous Team Spirit events. Members can make art and roleplay it if they want, and there might be random interruptions by yours truly, Cassa, with surprise mini diced "water battles". Other members are free and encouraged to use dice and attributes to decide disputes by themselves (our Roll20 room will be linked in chats). Any other related activities are welcome. Use of respect and good sense, always.

:star: Ask people OOCly if they wish to participate before dropbombing their RP. Surprising characters with ink to the face is amazing, but actual players, not so much.

:pokeball: Special thanks to Ra-ooo who suggested part of this event. Remember, we do take suggestions! Share your ideas.

Have fun, you little monsters! :heart:

Coding by SimplySilent
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What kind of tournament would you like the most? 

18 deviants said A mix of the two, with rounds of one and the other
14 deviants said An art based tournament with drawn battles
6 deviants said An RPG event-like tournament with diced battles
No deviants said Another idea that you are going to comment below


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