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Pokémon Gijinka Art and Roleplay

Member of the Week!

This week's member - Lacey LeBlanc!

PP: Lacey LeBlanc by catalystiic

catalystiic's entry for the week!
MotW: Aggressively Jingles by catalystiic

What is "Member of the Week"?
Every week, we'll announce a member and their character. Other members are encouraged to draw this member's Gijinka and everyone who participates has a chance to become the next member of the week! It's the gift that keeps on giving!

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Welcome to the Platform!

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Group Quick Guide

Pumpkin by mocha-san
What's PokePlatform about?

PokePlatform is a Pokemon-Gijinka group which promotes character interaction and development through drawing and roleplaying.

Join Requests
are currently :bulletgreen:OPEN:bulletgreen:


Something picked to best categorize your Pokemon and gives us a small insight to their character!

PP- Pokeball by Gurinn

PP- Pokeball by Gurinn
Have any suggestions/complaints/questions?
Note the group! We are happy to help

PP Chatrooms

- Pokeplatform's Chatrooms -

Most roleplaying and events take place in Pokeplatform's general RP chat!

The Lit-rp chat is usually emptier and more slowpaced than the general RP chat, which makes it a good alternative place to have slower and lengthier roleplays.

Genderbends, AUs, silly, absurd and fun scenarios that have no place in canon - that's what the Crack-Rp chat is for! Please keep in mind that the general rules (no godmodding, no 18+ stuff, etc) still apply here.

Want to chat with the other members of Poképlatform about non-roleplaying related stuff? You can do so here!

Team Accounts

Pokeplatform's Team Accounts

:iconteamironknee::iconteamverity: :iconteamsexyvalor: :iconteamolivine:

The Team Accounts have been updated. We suggest that members visit their team bases for information about mini events, activities, and other things

Don't forget to check out the Event Account
Pokemon Platform stamp by Flamongirl13


Happy Halloween!

Thu Oct 8, 2015, 4:14 PM by Gurinn:icongurinn:
Bone Divider by GasaraBone Divider by GasaraBone Divider by Gasara

October has arrived!  And Pokeplatform is getting ready to start celebrating! We have prepared several activites and contests for our members, we hope you have fun!

Pokepuff by PPMail
First we start with a Mini Rp Event this Sunday!
(Oct 11, 4:00 EST)  
A themed rp will have set in the chartooms, all members are welcome to participate. The Poffin House will be prepared with everything you need to make your own Sweets ~ You can come in to meet new people !

Bone Divider by GasaraBone Divider by GasaraBone Divider by Gasara

Costume Contest

You can also participate in Pokeplatform’s annual costume contest!  Its open for all members, all you have to do is fill out the following app to participate ~ You can win prizes!  Gift Art , Points or even a Premium Membership and all participants will be featured at our front page.

PP: Halloween Contest 2015 by Gurinn
[ Click on the App for more Info ]

Bone Divider by GasaraBone Divider by GasaraBone Divider by Gasara

Halloween Party

Ghosties Divider 2 by PiratePeixes Ghosties Divider 1 by PiratePeixes
Costume party you say? ~  Thats right! We are preparing something for our members, be sure to check this journal for updates!

--- Information and Date to be Added ---

More Journal Entries

Recent Journal Entries

Battles Home will be reopened next week, the 23rd of August! 

12 deviants said My body is ready!
7 deviants said Did I hear about a special treat accompanying the opening??
6 deviants said IM EXCITED


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ShiroInD Featured By Owner Aug 30, 2015
Uhhhm is there a way i can skype chat or something with one of the Leaders here? PM me?
(1 Reply)
joutarou Featured By Owner Aug 28, 2015  Hobbyist Digital Artist
Oh man should I join... It's been so long since I was part of the pokemon gijinka world
(1 Reply)
Karra-shi Featured By Owner Jul 31, 2015   Digital Artist
it says that guests are welcome on teh weekends right? Does that mean we can go into the chats on the weekend? And if so when does that usually start and end

Faileh Featured By Owner Jun 23, 2015  Student General Artist
Hm, this is a sad thing to announce but I've decided to leave the group. (if that's allowed?)
I do almost nothing here and don't participate like I thought I would. RP groups just aren't for me but this place was fun when I did take part in it.
(1 Reply)
NebulaFrog Featured By Owner Jun 16, 2015  Hobbyist Digital Artist
Random thing but a bunch of the image links on the front page are broken for me aha;
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